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Tushar Sawant




1 Week

Project overview

At Tiffin Stories – Cloud Kitchen, every meal is a story, and we needed a logo that could tell that tale. We embarked on a journey to create an emblem logo that would not just represent our brand but also become a symbol of culinary excellence and tradition.
In the competitive world of cloud kitchens, having a distinctive visual identity is paramount. We recognized the need for a logo that could stand out and convey our commitment to delivering exceptional food experiences. An emblem logo was the perfect choice as it captures the essence of tradition and trustworthiness, qualities that resonate with our customers.

What we did for this project

Our journey began with in-depth research into our brand and the culinary traditions we hold dear. We engaged in extensive discussions with our design team, ensuring that every element of the logo had a purpose. From choosing the right colors to crafting the emblem, every decision was made with care.
  1. Conceptualization: We brainstormed ideas to create a logo that would represent our brand’s heritage and commitment to quality.

  2. Design: Our skilled designers meticulously crafted the emblem, incorporating elements that resonate with our customers.

  3. Color Selection: We chose colors that evoke warmth, tradition, and a sense of home.

  4. Feedback and Refinement: We sought feedback from our team and made refinements to ensure the logo was a perfect fit.

Project Results:

The emblem logo we created has become an integral part of our brand identity. It’s not just a symbol; it’s a representation of our culinary journey. It has resonated with our customers, conveying our dedication to providing authentic and delicious meals. The logo has helped us stand out in a competitive market and continues to tell the story of Tiffin Stories – Cloud Kitchen with every order placed.

Emblems That Forge Legacies

Emblems That Forge Legacies

Emblems That Forge Legacies

Emblems That Forge Legacies

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